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The SPA SHR or Intense Pulsed Light permanent hair removal

We have more than 6 years' experience in hair removal techniques and keeping up-to-date with the rapid evolution in technology has led Espace Cordeliers to invest in the latest high performance equipment: the SPA SHR.


The SPA SHR technique is radically innovative and fulfils all requirements in terms of EFFECTIVENESS, SIMPLICITY, SECURITY and COMFORT.
It guarantees total and permanent eradication of hair follicles. It is perfectly safe on tanned, dark, mixed-race and sensitive skin. The SPA SHR can also effectively treat fine hairs.



The SPA SHR emits light flashes directly on targeted areas.
The localised temperature rises slowly, without any accompanying feeling of excessive heat, stinging or pain.
Rotational movements guarantee that the whole area to be treated is exposed, avoiding the risk of 'forgotten areas'.
Intense pulsed light works by photo thermolysis, targeting and acting upon areas with concentrated amounts of melanin.
Energy focuses on targeted areas and transforms into heat.
The skin is simultaneously cooled on the surface, ensuring comfort throughout.
The progressive increase in heat destroys the hair follicles.
Intense pulsed light rays target darkly pigmented areas (hairs).
The heat generated is diffused along the hair follicle to the root. Consequently, the hair shaft and its root are destroyed.
The hair regrowth mechanism is permanently eradicated and its cycle stopped.


The revolutionary SPA SHR technique using 3 flashes per second offers unprecedented comfort and effectiveness.
Thanks to its exclusive patented system, the sensation is like a hot stone massage.
SPA SHR guarantees quick results within 6 to 8 sessions, perfect and uniform, even in usually difficult-to-reach areas.
Furthermore, intense pulsed light sessions can be used all year round.
The SPA SHR technique has been approved by the most rigorous safety standards (CE Medical, European and International Certifications: CE-MDD, IEC 601-1, CFS, CSA, ISO13485, ISO9001, FDA).



Which areas can be treated ?

For hair removal and rejuvenation, most areas can be treated, including sensitive and difficult-to-reach areas like the face and neck.

Is the treatment painful ?
Not at all. Unlike other intense pulsed light systems, the Spa SHR does not cause discomfort: at most, it may feel something akin to hot stone massage.

How long does a hair removal session last ?
The exclusive "in motion" technology considerably reduces the length of sessions, which itself varies depending on the body area being treated.
However, a typical session is as follows:
Underarms or traditional bikini line: 1 to 3 minutes
Half-leg: 10 to 15 minutes
Beard: 5 to 10 minutes
Whole back: 15 to 20 minutes

How many sessions are needed to obtain permanent hair removal ?
SPA SHR patented technology enables perfect results in just a few visits, typically 6 to 8 sessions.
This obviously depends on different factors including your body typology and your wishes, which we discuss with you at your first visit.

Are there any contraindications ?
There are no contraindications, except for pregnant women and people with a pacemaker. The safety of the Spa SHR is certified by the most rigorous standards of operation and security (CE Medical, European and International Certifications: CE-MDD, IEC 601-1, CFS, CSA, ISO13485, ISO9001, FDA.).

What happens in a hair removal session ?
The area to be epilated should be shaved 24-48 hours before the session. On the day of the session, a contact gel is applied to the shaved area, the handheld piece is applied over the gel and the intense light pulses are then emitted.

* "permanent hair removal" is a term used for the general public but is forbidden by legislation for professional use

The Spa SHR emits "in motion" flashes of Intense Pulsed Light

Pulsed light flashes reach hair follicles

Thermo-coagulation destroys the hair and its root

An underarm pulsed light hair removal session with the Spa SHR. Aim: permanent hair removal.

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