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Exfoliations and scrubs are done using products prepared by us:


We offer several types of exfoliating scrub:

Sea Salt, for ocean energy
Divine Grape to awaken your senses
Chocolate, an appetizing treat
Arabian Nights Black Soap
Brown Sugar with Bourbon Vanilla and Bergamot essential oils for a taste of paradise
NEWArgan Hibiscus


Duration: 1 hour

We comfortably install you in a pleasant room with soft lighting and a relaxing atmosphere, where your whole body is massaged with the products you have chosen. Dead skin cells are removed, tiredness diminishes and stress steadily disappears.

After a thorough shower, our aesthetician applies a hydrating lotion containing essential oils all over your body.

At the end of the session, you will feel purified on the outside and on the inside, relaxed and light. Your skin will feel revitalised and infinitely soft, smooth as a pebble and discretely perfumed.

Duration: 1h
gommage ou exfoliations
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