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Electrical Hair Removal*
or long-lasting hair removal.

This is without a doubt the most effective long-lasting hair removal technique available, as each hair is treated individually. Totally safe, this technique is ideal for facial hair removal as well as for white, fair, red and dispersed hairs. It can also be used in conjunction with intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal.
An electrical hair removal session should leave no marks or crusty surfaces, only slight redness which disappears within an hour in most cases.
It is important to request a disposable single-use filament above all for reasons of hygiene, but also because a filament which has been used several times becomes blunt, less effective and injures the skin.

*Please note that no "permanent" hair removal is truly permanent. It is always possible that hair may grow back randomly in time. If this happens, just plan another visit.
** "permanent hair removal" is a term used for the general public but is forbidden by legislation for professional use

Electrical Hair Removal* or long-lasting hair removal. .
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