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You want to remove the hair in your genital area, you've finally chosen a salon but you don't know how to describe what you want? Here are a few terms to help you:

    maillot complet
    Complete bikini area hair removal
    Genital hair removal
    Whole-body hair removal
    Intimate hair removal
    Total hair removal
    Complete hair removal

Mini dictionary of intimate hair removal:

Complete Bikini: the whole area is depilated: pubis, vulva, perineum, the anal area...
Half Complete or Italian: genital hairs are removed, the hair on the pubis remains.
American Bikini or "Cheeky": genital hairs are removed with a small area of hair left on the pubis.
Brazilian or String: much hair on either side of the pubis and labia is removed.
Metro Ticket: a mini vertical rectangle of hair on the pubis remains.
Japanese: a small triangle on the pubis with a horizontal underlined effect

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