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les acides de fruits sont des produits naturels au pouvoir exfoliant

Fruit Acids:


Our salon offers facial skin treatments with Fruit Acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or A.H.A.). These acids, found in certain fruits, are natural products which are highly effective exfoliators.

A.H.A.s exfoliate the skin, revitalising cell activity.
Dead cells, which asphyxiate the skin, are eliminated.

Blood circulation is improved.
Skin is oxygenated and hydrated.
The skin cell regeneration process is revitalised.

A.H.A helps to protect the skin against:
Dehydration in dry skin types.
Greasy and dull skin and open pores.
Natural skin ageing, including lines and wrinkles.
Pigmentation marks (marks of ageing, hyper-pigmentation).

Your skin is healthier, pores refined and lines and wrinkles faded.

These treatments are highly personalised as the results depend on skin type and the specific problem being treated.
Other factors affect the outcome, such as the concentration of product used, the amount of time it is left on the skin and the number of sessions undergone, along with the way the product is applied.
Contact us for more information and take advantage of the benefits A.H.A. care treatments can offer you


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